Olduvai Publications

This is a list of publications written by our team. You may click on the links to read the entire publication or download it if you wish.

2017     Diez‐Martín, F., Fraile, C., Uribelarrea, D., Sánchez‐Yustos, P., Domínguez‐Rodrigo, M., Duque, J., Díaz, I., De Francisco, S., Yravedra, J., Mabulla, A. and Baquedano, E., 2017. SHK Extension: a new archaeological window in the SHK fluvial landscape of Middle Bed II (Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania). Boreas, 46(4), pp.831-859.

2017     Sánchez‐Yustos, P., Diez‐Martín, F., Domínguez‐Rodrigo, M., Duque, J., Fraile, C., Baquedano, E. and Mabulla, A., 2017. Diversity and significance of core preparation in the Developed Oldowan technology: reconstructing the flaking processes at SHK and BK (Middle‐Upper Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania).  Boreas, 46(4), pp.874-893.

2017     Rubio‐Jara, S., Panera, J., Santonja, M., Pérez‐González, A., Yravedra, J., Domínguez‐Rodrigo, M., Bello, P., Rojas, R., Mabulla, A. and Baquedano, E., 2017. Site function and lithic technology in the Acheulean technocomplex: a case study from Thiongo Korongo (TK), Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Boreas, 46(4), pp.894-917.

2017     Mercader, J., Abtosway, M., Baquedano, E., Bird, R.W., Díez‐Martín, F., Domínguez‐Rodrigo, M., Favreau, J., Itambu, M., Lee, P., Mabulla, A. and Patalano, R., 2017. Starch contamination landscapes in field archaeology: Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Boreas, 46(4), pp.918-934.

2017     Domínguez‐Rodrigo, M., Cobo‐Sánchez, L., Uribelarrea, D., Arriaza, M.C., Yravedra, J., Gidna, A., Organista, E., Sistiaga, A., Martín‐Perea, D., Baquedano, E. and Aramendi, J., 2017. Spatial simulation and modelling of the early Pleistocene site of DS (Bed I, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania): a powerful tool for predicting potential archaeological information from unexcavated areasBoreas, 46(4), pp.805-815.

2017     Yravedra, J., Diez‐Martín, F., Egeland, C.P., Maté‐González, M.Á., Palomeque‐González, J.F., Arriaza, M.C., Aramendi, J., García Vargas, E., Estaca‐Gómez, V., Sánchez, P. and Fraile, C., 2017. FLK West (Lower Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania): a new early Acheulean site with evidence for human exploitation of fauna. Boreas, 46(4), pp.816-830.

2017     Yravedra, J., Maté‐González, M.Á., Palomeque‐González, J.F., Aramendi, J., Estaca‐Gómez, V., San Juan Blazquez, M., García Vargas, E., Organista, E., González‐Aguilera, D., Arriaza, M.C. and Cobo‐Sánchez, L., 2017. A new approach to raw material use in the exploitation of animal carcasses at BK (Upper Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania): a micro‐photogrammetric and geometric morphometric analysis of fossil cut marks. Boreas, 46(4), pp.860-873.

2017     Domínguez‐Rodrigo, M., Baquedano, E., Mabulla, A., Diez‐Martín, F., Egeland, C. and Santonja, M., 2017. New methodological and technological approaches to the Oldowan and Acheulian archaeology of Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania) introduction. Boreas, 46(4), pp.799-804.

2017      Paleoecological reconstructions of the Bed I and Bed II lacustrine basins of Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania) and insights into early human behavior | M. Domínguez-Rodrigo , E. Baquedano , A. Mabulla , J. Mercader and C.P. Egeland.

2017    The FLK Zinj paleolandscape: Reconstruction of a 1.84 Ma wooded habitat in the FLK Zinj- AMK-PTK-DS archaeological complex, Middle Bed I (Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania) | H. Arráiz , D. Barboni , G.M. Ashley , A. Mabulla , E. Baquedano and M. Domínguez-Rodrigo.

2017    A spatial analysis of stone tools and fossil bones at FLK Zinj 22 and PTK I (Bed I, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania) and its bearing on the social organization of early humans | M. Domínguez-Rodrigo and L. Cobo-Sánchez.

2017    The paleoecology and taphonomy of AMK (Bed I, Olduvai Gorge) and its contributions to the understanding of the “Zinj” paleolandscape | J. Aramendi , D. Uribelarrea , M.C. Arriaza , H. Arráiz , D. Barboni , J. Yravedra , M.C. Ortega , A. Gidna , A. Mabulla , E. Baquedano and M. Domínguez-Rodrigo.

2017    A reconstruction of the paleolandscape during the earliest Acheulian of FLK West: The co-existence of Oldowan and Acheulian industries during lowermost Bed II (Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania) | D. Uribelarrea , D. Martín-Perea , F. Díez-Martín , P. Sánchez-Yustos , M. Domínguez-Rodrigo , E. Baquedano and A. Mabulla.

2017    Biotic and abiotic processes affecting the formation of BK Level 4c (Bed II, Olduvai Gorge) and their bearing on hominin behavior at the site| E. Organista , M. Domínguez-Rodrigo , J. Yravedra , D. Uribelarrea , M.C. Arriaza , M.C. Ortega, A. Mabulla , A. Gidna and E. Baquedano.

2017    Geoarchaeology in a meandering river: A study of the BK site (1.35 Ma), Upper Bed II, Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania) |
D. Uribelarrea del Val and M. Domínguez-Rodrigo.

2017    Paleovegetation changes accompanying the evolution of a riverine system at the BK paleoanthropological site (Upper Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania) | H. Arráiz , D. Barboni , D. Uribelarrea , A. Mabulla , E. Baquedano and M. Domínguez-Rodrigo.

2017    Discerning carnivore agency through the three-dimensional study of tooth pits: Revisiting crocodile feeding behaviour at FLK- Zinj and FLK NN3 (Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania) | J. Aramendi , M.A. Maté-González , J. Yravedra , M.C. Ortega , M.C. Arriaza , D. González-Aguilera , E. Baquedano and M. Domínguez-Rodrigo.

2017    On applications of micro-photogrammetry and geometric morphometrics to studies of tooth mark morphology: The modern Olduvai Carnivore Site | (Tanzania) M.C. Arriaza , J. Yravedra , M. Domínguez-Rodrigo , M.Á. Mate-González , E. García Vargas , J.F. Palomeque-González , J. Aramendi , D. González-Aguilera and E. Baquedano.

2017    The spatial patterning of the social organization of modern foraging Homo sapiens : A methodological approach for understanding social organization in prehistoric foragers | M. Domínguez-Rodrigo and L. Cobo-Sánchez.

2014       Domínguez-Rodrigo, M., Diez-Martin, F., Mabulla, A., Baquedano, E., Bunn, H.T., Musiba, C. (2014). The evolution of hominin behavior during the Oldowan-Acheulian transition: recent evidence from Olduvai Gorge and Peninj. Quaternary International, 322-23: 1-6.

2014       Uribelarrea, D., Domínguez-Rodrigo, M., Pérez-González, A., Vegas Salamanca, J., Baquedano, E., Mabulla, A., Musiba, C., Barboni, D., Cobo-Sánchez, L. Geomorphological and archaeological reconstruction of the 1.84 Ma FLK Zinj palaeolandscape at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Quaternary International, 322-23: 7-31.

2014       Domínguez-Rodrigo, M., Bunn, H.T., Yravedra, J. (2014). A critical re-evaluation of bone surfac emodification models for inferring fossil hominin and carnivore interactions through a multivariate approach: application to the FLK Zinj archaeofaunal assemblage (Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania). Quaternary International , 322-23: 32-43.

2014       Bunn, H.T., Gurtov, A. ). Prey mortality profiles indicate that Early Pleistocene Homo at Olduvai was an ambush predator. Quaternary International , 322-23: 44-53.

2014      Ashley, G.M., Bunn, H.T., Delaney, J., Barboni, D., Dominguez-Rodrigo, M., Mabulla, A., Gurtov, A., Baluyot, R., Beverly, E., Baquedano, E. Paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental framework of FLK North archaeological site, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Quaternary International, 322-323: 54-65.

2014     Ashley, G.M., Beverly, E.J., Sikes, N., Driese, S.G. Paleosol diversity in the Olduvai Basin, Tanzania: Effects of geomorphology, parent material, depositional environment, and groundwater on soil development. Quaternary International, 322-323: 66-77.

2014     Beverly, E.J., Ashley, G.M., Driese, S.G. Reconstruction of a Pleistocene paleocatena using micromorphology and geochemistry of lake margin paleo-Vertisols, Olduvai Gorge,Tanzania. Quaternary International, 322-323: 78-94.

2014     Egeland, C.P. Taphonomic estimates of competition and the role of carnivore avoidance in hominin site use within the Early Pleistocene Olduvai Basin. Quaternary International, 322-323: 95-106.

2014    Diez-Martín, F., Sanchez, P., Uribelarrea, D., Dominguez-Rodrigo, M., Fraile-Marquez, C., Obregón, R.A., Diaz-Muñoz, I., Mabulla, A., Baquedano, E., Perez-Gonzalez, A., Bunn, H.T. New archaeological and geological research at the SHK main site (Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania). Quaternary International, 322-323: 107-128.

2014    Domínguez-Rodrigo, M., Bunn, H.T., Mabulla, A., Baquedano, E., Uribelarrea, D., Pérez-González, A., Gidna, A., Yravedra, J., Diez-Martin, F. Egeland, C., Barba, R., Arriaza, M.C., Organista, E., Ansón, M.  On meat eating and human evolution: a taphonomic analysis of BK4b, (Upper Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania) and its bearing on hominin megafaunal consumption. Quaternary International, 322-23: 129-152.

2014     Dominguez-Rodrigo, M., Diez-Martín, F., Yravedra, J., Barba, R., Mabulla, A., Baquedano, E., Uribelarrea, D., Sánchez, P., Eren, M.Study of the SHK Main faunal assemblage, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania: implications for Bed II taphonomy, paleoecology and hominin utilization of megafauna. Quaternary International, 322-323: 153-166.

2014     Gidna, A., Kisui, B., Mabulla, A., Musiba, C. , Dominguez-Rodrigo, M. An ecological neo-taphonomic study of carcass consumption by lions in Tarangire National Park (Tanzania) and its relevance for human evolutionary biology. Quaternary International,  322-323: 167-180.

2014     Santonja, M., Panera, J., Rubio-Jara, Perez-Gonzalez, A., Uribelarrea, D., Domínguez-Rodrigo, M., Mabulla, A., Bunn, H.T., Baquedano, E.Technological strategies and the economy of raw materials in the TK (Thiogo Korongo) lower ocuparion, Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Quaternary International, 322-323: 181-208.

2014     Barboni, D.  Vegetation of Northern Tanzania during the Plio-Pleistocene: A synthesis of the paleobotanical evidences from Laetoli, Olduvai, and Peninj hominin sites. Quaternary International, 322-323: 264-276.

2014     Cobo, L., Aramendi, J., Dominguez-Rodrigo, M. Orientation patterns of wildebeest bones on the lake Masek floodplain(Serengeti, Tanzania) and their relevance to interpret anisotropy in the Olduvai lacustrine floodplain. Quaternary International, 322-323: 277-284.

2014     Gurtov, A., Eren, M.Lower Paleolithic bipolar reduction and hominin selection of quartz at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania: What’s the connection?  Quaternary International, 322-323: 285-291.

2014     Eren, M., Durant, M.E., Prendergast, M., Mabulla, A.Z.P. Middle Stone Age archaeology at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Quaternary International, 322-323: 292-313.

2013     Domínguez-Rodrigo M, Pickering TR, Baquedano E, Mabulla A, Mark DF, et al. First Partial Skeleton of a 1.34-Million-Year-Old Paranthropus boisei from Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. PLoS ONE 8(12): e80347. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0080347

2013       M. Domínguez-Rodrigo, A. García-Pérez.  Testing the Accuracy of Different A-Axis Types for Measuring the Orientation of Bones in the Archaeological and Paleontological RecordPLoS ONE 8(7): e68955. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0068955.

2012       Pickering, T.R., M. Domínguez-Rodrigo, J. Heaton, J. Yravedra. New Taphonomic Diagnostic of Hominoid Behavior and the Consumption of Meat and Bone by 1.2 Ma Hominins at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. J. Archaeol. Sci. 40: 1295-1309. 

2012       Domínguez-Rodrigo, M. et al. Earliest Porotic Hyperostosis on a 1.5-Million-Year Old Hominin, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. PLoS ONE. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0046414

2012       Domínguez-Rodrigo, M., H.T. Bunn, T.R. Pickering, A.Z. Mabulla, C. Musiba, E. Baquedano, G. Ashley, F. Diez-Martin, M. Santoja, D. Uribelarrea, R. Barba, J.       Yravedra, D. Barboni, C. Arriaza, A. Gidna. Authochthony and orientation patterns in Olduvai Bed I: a re-examination of the status of post-depositional biasing of archaeological assemblages from FLK North (FLKN). J. Archaeol. Sci. 39: 2116-2127.

2012       Baquedano, E., M. Domínguez-Rodrigo, C. Musiba. An experimental study of large mammal bone modification by crocodiles and its bearing on the interpretation of crocodile predation at FLK Zinj and FLK NN3. J. Archaeol. Sci. 39: 1728-1737.

2011       Diez-Martin, F., P. Sánchez, M. Domínguez-Rodrigo, M. Prendergast. An experimental study of bipolar and freehand knapping of Naibor Soit quartz from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Am. Antiq. 76: 690-708.

2010       Domínguez-Rodrigo, M., H.T. Bunn, A.Z. Mabulla, E. Baquedano, T.R. Pickering. Paleoecology and hominin behavior during Bed I at Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania). Quat. Res. 74: 301-303.

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2010       Ashley, G., M. Domínguez-Rodrigo, H.T. Bunn, A.Z. Mabulla, E. Baquedano. Sedimentary geology and human origins: a fresh look at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. J. Sediment. Res. 80: 703-709.

2009       Domínguez-Rodrigo, M., A.Z. Mabulla, H.T. Bunn, R. Barba, F. Diez-Martin, C.P. Egeland, E. Espilez, A. Egeland, J. Yravedra, P. Sánchez. Unraveling hominin behavior at another anthropogenic site from Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania): new archaeological and taphonomic research at BK, Upper Bed II. J. Hum. Evol. 57: 260-283.

2009       Diez-Martín, F., P. Sánchez, M. Domínguez-Rodrigo, A. Mabulla, R. Barba. Were Olduvai hominins making butchering tools or battering tools? Analysis of a recently excavated assemblage from BK (Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania). J. Anthropol. Archaeol. 28: 274-289.

2009       Faith, J.T., M. Domínguez-Rodrigo, A.D. Gordon. Long Distance Carcass Transport at Olduvai Gorge? A Quantitative Examination of Bed I Skeletal Element Abundances. J. Hum. Evol. 56: 247-256.

2008       Egeland, C.P. and M. Domínguez-Rodrigo. Taphonomic perspectives on hominid site use and foraging strategies during the Bed II times at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. J. Hum. Evol. 55: 1031-1052.

2007       Domínguez-Rodrigo, M. and R. Barba. Five more arguments to invalidate the passive scavenging version of the carnivore-hominid-carnivore model: a reply to Blumenschine et al. (2007). J. Hum. Evol. 53:427-433.

2006       Domínguez-Rodrigo, M. and R. Barba. New estimates of tooth marks and percussion marks from FLK Zinj, Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania): the carnivore-hominid-carnivore hypothesis falsified. J. Hum. Evol. 50:170.194.