The Olduvai Research Station

The Olduvai Gorge Research Station

The Comunidad de Madrid sponsored, through its cooperation program, the creation of The Aguirre-Mturi  Research Station at Olduvai Gorge, in cooperation with TOPPP and Cives Mundi. A link to this cooperation program can be found here. The station was named after two very prominent researchers, Emiliano Aguirre is one of the founding fathers of paleoanthropology in Spain. Amin Mturi was one of the founding fathers of Archaeology in Tanzania. As a reflection of the joint Spanish-Tanzanian venture in the current project, we decided to name the station after these two prominent figures.

The Aguirre-Mturi research station includes two dormitory buildings, one bathroom building with showers, a large compound which includes the kitchen and storage area and a laboratory. The station is powered completely using solar energy. Its ecological design was the work of the architect Carla Mallol. The compound blends perfectly in its environment and can be dismantled if necessary without causing any environmental damage.

TOPPP uses the station while in the field. The rest of the time, this Tanzanian facility is available for rental.